technology dreams and nightmares

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At my office we recently installed a receiver-amp and six little speakers in our studio.  We have it wired through one computer, too.  We’ve been listening to podcasts and streaming audio from college radio around the west, and importing CDs and creating two hour long custom mixes.  Worked out pretty well, except one of my co-workers [whose taste in music is somewhat different than the others] thought it would be alot better if there was a CD player!

“A CD player?  Really?  What do you mean?  Why don’t you get an ipod, and you can bring in all your CDs at once, some playlists even — and plug it right into the back of the amp if you want to….”  But she’s uncomfotable with the technology and is clinging to the notion of a CD player, even as she’s calling around town and finding out no one is selling them anymore. 

About ten years ago I had a CD player that held five discs at once and would play the tracks randomly.  Pretty cool at the time, eh?  Something new.  But with itunes I’m listening to podcasts from all over the place so it is like radio except the shows play when I want them to.  Something similar is happening with video clips, YouTube and similar players are cropping up on the web, and I’m guessing people will soon decide this is a lot better than TV.

I never really liked TV anyway.  For a few years when I was young we didn’t have one in the house, and I’m going back to that now.  I never really have watched very much.  Never got addicted to Seinfeld or any other shows.  I really like how we’re able to pick and choose the technology we like and somewhat ignore the rest of it.

My co-worker who is stuck on CDs and myself are the only two left in a 16-person office who do not have cell phones.  Some of the others are organizing an informal pool about who will be the first to cave in.  We both feel like they’re a health hazard [sort of the cigarette of the 21st century] and the trend seems also for users to develop abominable social graces.  And if they’re really responsible for the problems with honeybees?  Yikes.

I’m sitting here thinking about all this while I’m purusing the latest politcal and other news on the web, and my roommate who has never used a computer is in his room reading the newspaper and watching CNN.

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