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October 11, 2008 at 5:14 pm | Posted in politics | 2 Comments
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I watched the new Michael Moore movie last night.  A travelogue of highlights from his 62 stop tour of colleges in 2004 to try to get John Kerry elected.  The film concentrates on the one month period leading up to the election.  It seems longer than four years ago. 

He bucks the trend in his last couple films of limiting his appearances [“A little of me goes a long way”] — this one is mostly Michael speaking to crowds.  He gets pretty intense and animated at times.  Very poignant moments with parents who lost children in Iraq.   My favorite scene was from a Seattle press conference where a reporter asks, “Are your movies propaganda?” and he patiently explains that the mainstream press were the progpagandizers, cheerleading the administration during the rush to war — and he exists to counter them!  He really lambastes them for violating the public trust.  Powerful and relevant and everything to do with how the MSM has been improverished the last five or six years.  They’d better get it together soon.

We’re reminded that Kerry did very well with the youth vote in 2004 [“the only age group he won”].  The ultimate success of what Moore was doing may well take another few elections to fully realize.  I have a lot of hopes and confidence for the generation in their 20s now.

Watching what the Republicans are doing today, purging the voter rolls in six swing states, one can’t help but relive the crushing misery of the 2000 and 2004 elections.  We have to get such an overwhelming majority out there this time that they cannot steal it again.  The current polls are indicating a landslide, but the electoral college may still be close thanks to Republican dirty pool.

In my ideal world, the Republicans are well on their way to being a permanent minority.  Let’s make it happen, people!


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  1. “Powerful and relevant and everything to do with how the MSM has been improverished the last five or six years.”

    “MSM” – Methylsulfonylmethane? Men who have Sex with Men”? Help me out here.

  2. paul, sorry. i got lost in total geekdom there. i meant to say ‘mainstream media’.
    if i slip again in the future, here is a resource for you.

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