I-zone tour

November 16, 2009 at 4:06 am | Posted in alaska, anchorage | 2 Comments
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Into the industrial part of Anchorage this afternoon, because the light was perfect and I had to shoot something but I didn’t want to travel very far. 

tan shed and red shipping container

loading dock

snow-covered mounds of soil and gravel

twisted pile of scrap steel

water tower on government hill


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  1. The light was good! Can you talk about about the second from last one?

  2. it’s a pile of scrap steel at a recycler’s yard. looks like it used to be a bridge, maybe? judging from the green color. i took four frames from different angles but they were a bit boring. so i took details from each, assembled them [in a way that they almost seem to continue from one vignette to the next] and then ran a ‘mesh warp’ special effect — as much as i ususally dislike such effects, seemed like a natural here to make the already twisted members even more so.
    i took some other shots last year at the same place, when they had all of the recyclable parts of the old clark school stacked in their yard. demolition photos can be kind of exciting and i’m always on the lookout. the old native hospital on east 3rd was great… took them a long time, huge piles of rebar twisted up like big tumbleweeds.
    that was more than you wanted to know, eh.

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