We just need to care!

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This post will be written through a baseball lens, but the issues are socio-political.

The Seattle Mariners have had an emotional 2010 season.  They did great at first, then went into a slump, and lately have found their mojo again.  Then there was yesterday’s announcement of Griffey’s retirement. 

The part of the Ms season that interested me the most was how they responded to Milton Bradley‘s meltdown.  Bradley, a fielder and occasional pinch hitter stormed out of a game on May 4th.  Apparently he has been prone to similar outbursts in the past, and has played for something like nine teams in ten years. 

The Mariners organization, and indeed the entire city of Seattle [save for a few MSM journalists — the same sweethearts who lambasted Griffey for not ending his career soon enough?] tried something a bit different than had been done in eight other cities.   They were honest with him.  They told him, more or less: we like you, we like the work you’re doing and we want to help you solve this problem.

And Bradley went off to a few days of counseling and therapy, then returned to the field in late May and has been doing very well.

The nightmare oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico could have been prevented with better regulations and/or enforcement.  Like many people, maybe a majority in the country I believe heavy industries cannot self-regulate — catastrophes like this one prove that point.  But don’tcha think, if that’s what they’re ultimately expecting, they should have been demonstrating it could really be done? 

All they needed was a corporate culture where they actually gave a shit!  Not merely a PR wing where they could carve off a small piece of record profits for community service and greenwashing — then cut corners on every safety measure and field procedure they could.

There’s a large disconnect between what’s being done to address climate change and other environmental problems, and what the general population expects.  If we really can build electric cars for work commuting, now would be a good time to roll them out.  Likewise, figure out how to jump start domestic manufacturing by making wind turbines and solar panels, and incentivize retrofitting existing homes and businesses.

Big Oil would like to protect the status quo, but the public either isn’t behind it any longer, or is frustrated about the lack of progress, as regards alternatives and safeguards.  In short, the public cares; Big Oil doesn’t.

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