Seen on a bike ride

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This front yard on Boniface Pkwy. has for years had sculpted spruce trees. Never seen in these parts. Don’t know how it is done, or why. Fun and strange!
Love this '60s jewel box church on Boniface [except for the beige color].
Down the block a bit — no fear of strong color here. Abandoned [temporarily, one hopes] during the Corona virus pandemic.
South fork of Campbell Creek seen from the Elmore Rd. bridge.
A beautiful part of town, near Elmore and Dowling Roads. A shame to run a road through it, let alone develop the land along the new road segments. Oh, Anchorage! You didn’t know what you had until it was gone.
This house has a stately presence on top of a knoll, in the wilds of E. 68th Ave. between Lake Otis Pkwy. and the New Seward Highway. May look modest, but pretty nice for the time and place.
“Extreme luxury for JINDO”. Along with some other containers and a pile of warm grass clippings, inside a security fence and a backdrop of the Chugach Mountains. As it turns out, JINDO is a Korean outift that sells fur coats. Who knew?
I like riding through industrial zones. Typically peaceful and unoccupied outside of weekday mornings and afternoons, and oddly fascinating in so many ways.
“Mankind is one.” I get the sentiment — but mankind is almost 8 billion at this point. [Hat tip to my old buddy Ken, who used to rail against a local store called One People: “One PERSON! TWO PEOPLE!”]
This flat-roofed, pink, colonnaded late ’60s split level along Wesleyan Dr. has a bit of Grey Gardens going on!
Field in Midtown. I make it look more pleasant and wild than it really is. The trash, car parts, tires and appliances out of frame.
For me it gets really interesting to get into old neighborhoods that are formerly residential and now commercial/industrial, but there are still houses there.
This little house on Rosewood St. is unoccupied and dilapidated and its yard is still being maintained.
On Mt. View Dr., almost home.

First bike journey in many months. Not sure why I stopped going. Will have to start getting out there again.


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