VP debate mini-reaction

October 3, 2008 at 5:14 pm | Posted in politics | 1 Comment
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Palin seems like a more formidable opponent than anyone recently thought and managed to be weirdly charming even when lying through her teeth or spouting talking points or pronouncing “nuclear” just like George W.  The winking and nodding and leaving the G off -ing words… would I really want to put up with eight years of this?

I wished Biden had come off a little smoother and I hadn’t been fixated on a mole dancing on his adams apple.  He was very endearing when talking about his family tragedies, and less so when talking about the plight of normal people in a bad economy, even while he wreaked of authenticity.

The Fox News types will be trying to pass this off as a winner for Sarah.  Either she trains well or there was a little man in her hairdo telling her, “Read number fifteen!”.  I can hear it being replayed in my head in the vein of “The Breaking of the President” by Firesign Theater.  Many busy executives tell me being a “maverick” isn’t always palatable in real life, even if you’re faking it. 

And someday we’ll meet our children in a better world.

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