10-1-10 [from the archives, September 2006]

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Anchorage and Knik Arm from Arctic Valley.

White lightning’s still the biggest thrill of all

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Apparently a bolt of lightning struck them, knocking one of them, a 25-year-old male, unconscious.  When he came to, he saw his 23-year-old female companion about 15 feet away seriously injured.  His shoes had been blown open and melted.

I’ve hiked in Arctic Valley plenty of times.  Incredible area, rather prone to inclement weather.  Alaska isn’t famous for its thunderstorms, but have noticed a lot more of them since around ’98.

Hiking Arctic Valley, Summer 2007.

Hiking Arctic Valley, Summer 2007.

On a Summer 2007 hike in Glen Alps near Anchorage, we heard thunder a ways off and then noticed all of our hair was standing on end.  We high tailed it out of there.  It was our second attempt that summer to reach Hidden Lake.  I still haven’t been there.

Electricity in the air.

Electricity in the air.

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