$av-on Indians

February 17, 2011 at 5:11 am | Posted in anchorage, Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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A friend tipped me off about these signs, on the corner of the old roller rink building at Benson and Arctic Blvds. in Midtown.  The business they adorn is a discount flooring and cabinet store.  My friend was sort of glib about it — saying, “It just seemed weird that there was no context provided — nothing else, a slogan or snappy saying indicating what the cartoon native youths were doing there, what possible connection they had to anything.”

I assume this is the logo for Mohawk Carpets sold within.  But it doesn’t say that’s what it is.  It seems kind of tone-deaf of the business that put them up — if it is a Mohawk Carpet logo and a deal they made with Mohawk, they could have said, “No, thanks.”  Or, “How about a sign with just the name Mohawk Carpets?”.  Like the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians and other remnants of a less enlightened era, imagery like this isn’t going away until people start to raise a stink about it.

Or am I over-reacting?

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