Another stunning change of heart

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The Yes Men may finally be heading into the popular narrative, I think.  If you look up “subversive” in the dictionary you’ll see their picture.  The people responsible for the recent fake NY Post; and fooling some reporters into believing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had become enlightened.

Yesterday their latest escapade was a fake statement from the Environmental Minister in regards to the Canadian national government’s stance on carbon emissions.  The ruse was cleverly crafted and supported with diversions and supplementary convincing evidence.  They are still at the top of their game.

Mixed reactions amongst the people I told about the Copenhagen hoax.  “Can’t they get in a lot of trouble for impersonating government officials and web sites?” or some variation.  Yeah, maybe — but Ottawa would look ridiculous in the process: you cost us our credibility by making us appear that we give a damn!

Various news accounts include a statement from Yes Men member Mike Bonanno:

The idea was to confuse the Canadian government, which set up a ‘war room’ to positively spin their position in the debate, even though everyone here knows that their position is a cruel joke.

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