Wild Abandon, my new exhibit

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I’ll be showing some photos from this summer in the lobby of Kinley’s Restaurant and Bar Nov. 6–Dec. 4. 

There are a few from Alaska but these are mostly from a summer break this July and August.  I knocked around the Puget Sound area, and drove down the I-5 corridor from Sequim, WA to Berkeley, CA with side trips to Sacramento and a diversion to the Oregon coast.  It was over 100 in Sacramento when I was there, and the hot weather followed me all the way back [90 at midnight when I arrived back in Sequim].

I was looking for abandoned buildings and sites that are going back to nature.  I found some good ones!

More explanation and the exhibit photos [and my previous two major exhibits] at my charming homemade site.

alley project opens march 20th at MTS

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Posting here has been very light lately as I’ve been working on my first solo photo exhibit.  It’s just about ready to roll.  I also self-published a book with all the images from the show plus a few others.  I had a lot of fun the last year or so sneaking around in alleys and taking the photos.

Kind of exciting!  We’ll see if these alley scenes are ready for prime time.

Update 3-21-09:

They WERE ready, as it turns out!  Very well attended and people really liked the work!  [It wasn’t one of those openings where everyone is socializing and not paying much attention to the art.]  So much for crippling self-doubt.  I couldn’t be happier — a lot of nice compliments.  Many people commented at how much different street fronts are from alleys.  The back sides of properties are so much more revealing of owners’ tastes and personality disorders.

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