Craziest weekend ever!

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Our governor resigned on Friday, saying she not only doesn’t intend to run for a second term in the 2010 election, she won’t even finish the first term!  Instead she’ll turn it over to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell later this month.  She gave a weird, rambling speech; visibly agitated.

Then yesterday, Palin’s attorney released a sternly worded letter threatening to sue local radio talker Shannyn Moore [apparently the most irritating of the “pajama-clad bloggers” who have been driving the governor insane!  Must have been all that talk about accountability, results, engagement]. 

I clung to the news Friday night with a sick fascination.  I put up a [stream of consciousness] Daily Kos post with some historical thoughts about the Great Alaskan Culture of Corruption — timidly suggesting, maybe Alaska is getting to the point where we’re ready for ethical leaders?  [Sounds like a long shot, but you’ve got to dream!]

Glad the Palin experiment is nearing a close.  Sort of — the resignation story and its aftermath, despite being buried in the holiday weekend news cycle is going to survive and thrive tomorrow.  But, man… everything that’s happened in almost three years, since she won — the ethics complaints, Troopergate, the VP candidacy, Meg Stapleton, Palinbots, her kids and grandson, the war on bloggers [since she can’t sue the entire internet], Levi and Sherry, reactions to crises in Emmonak and Eagle, junior high school styled press releases, the turkey video, the gang of lawyers taking over the state government.  Like the GOP domination of national politics since 1980, I can’t wait to just put everything Palin down the memory hole.

Meanwhile, the north pole melted for good, gas prices went through the roof, the national economy went to hell and the mainstream media went obsolete.  So it isn’t as if we really need to be focusing on her.

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