Beautiful ceremony, seven to go

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I just got back from the 43rd wedding of Maria the Korean Bride.  This time she got married to local poet and part-time dog musher Emil Churchin.  It was a wonderful ceremony held on a little mound at Kincaid Park, overlooking Cook Inlet and with a backdrop of happy people skiing and sledding, and simmering orange sunset light glancing the tips of the Chugach Mountains.

Emil, looking princely in fox pelt hat and gloves read vows he had written, promising to love, cherish and care for the bride “until the end of the performance”, as local paparazzi recorded the event for posterity.  Afterwards Emil told the guests a funny story about a dogsled ride, mechanical trouble and food allergies.  A real whirlwind of a courtship, apparently — all taking place yesterday.

Probably the best wedding I’ve ever attended, and a fun Alaskan experience for the blushing bride.  I went to another small wedding, almost twenty years ago that was similarly festive and emotionally transformative — but they ended up getting divorced!

Update 12/27/09:  ADN has a slideshow up by photographer Marc Lester.

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