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LTE in today’s ADN from a disgruntled citizen:

Let wheelers, dealers meet in pen
The way things are going in Alaska, I believe we should hold our next legislative session in the mess hall of some penitentiary. When all the appeals and all the legal tricks are done, and if ol’ Ted is finally sentenced, the name of our airport should be changed back to Anchorage International Airport. If it isn’t, it would be an embarrassment to all good Alaskans. You don’t see Al Capone International Airport in Chicago, do you?
I’m really damn tired of all this wheeling, dealing, and stealing that’s going on in my beloved Alaska. I’m mad and embarrassed for my state. Oh, and yes, I’m a Republican.
— Ron Thompson

He had me until the final sentence.  Why is this man still a Republican?  I’m embarrassed for him!

There is a party for people like you, Ron.  People who believe in mainstream American values and are fiscally responsible.  It’s the Democartic Party.  You should check into it!

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