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Ruins of a 19th century bath house, San Francisco.

Ruins of a 19th century bath house, San Francisco.

Get this cranky old guy out of the spotlight already

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Cyclelicious has a bit on Rob Anderson’s appearance on National Republican Radio‘s Talk of the Nation phone-in show today.  Apparently they lobbed him some softballs about how annoying, arrogant and dangerous most bicyclists are.

Yakota Fritz of Cyclelicious describes part of the broadcast [agrees with Paul’s assertions in previous thread’s comments]: “Noah Budnick noted that current research that shows accommodating different transportation modes is not a zero sum game, like Anderson claims, but that traffic demand is elastic. Case after case shows that when commuters are given alternatives, they’ll make use of those different modes. Anderson was then allowed to respond; he sneered a little about transportation ‘experts’ — you could almost hear the quote marks in his voice — and expressed his distaste toward experts and planners who shove their design paradigms down the throats of the public.”

It makes me feel dirty and strange to have all these sinister motivations applied by Anderson and his ilk to what started off as a way to lose weight, be perkier and save gas money.

One man shuts down SF bicycle improvements

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I can’t stop thinking about the Rob Anderson story in San Francisco.  This evil little man has apparently brought implementation of millions of dollars worth of new bike routes and other infrastructure to a screeching halt, by suing the city.  His point, that by effectively decreasing vehicle capacity we will cause an increase in traffic congestion and thus air pollution is difficult to disprove, I guess.  Even though I know he’s wrong, and his positions are based on faulty assumptions.  So now there will be a temporary shutdown while the powers that be try to arbitrate his claims. 

It kind of reminds me of Reagan telling us [in a 1980 speech] that trees are the source of pollution. 

Stories like this should make us question all of our beliefs.  In a way I don’t mind that backers of the bike initiatives should have to prove up the worthiness of their plans.  But Anderson’s unfortunate assessment is that everyone who rides a bike into the city is an enemy of the people, a radical, militant lunatic trying to get all cars off the roads.

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