Apple tree down!

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apple tree down

The apple tree in my back yard blew over after a big wind storm with 50-75 mph sustained gusts.  The trunk snapped most of the way through at the ground.  There was quite a few trees down across the city, and some other damage.  The power was off for a week at some locations.  I first thought the tree was a total loss, but looking closer and thinking it over, I wondered if there was a chance it could be saved?

Soon, thanks to the miracle of modern social networking I was talking to arborists, landscape architects, park planners and others about how to go about tipping it back up and encouraging it to re-root itself.  The funniest comment was from my old architect buddy who now lives in Hawaii — he said, they fall down sometimes just like we do and they can get back up and keep on living!

The first frost arrived less than a month later.  In mid-October there was another wind storm, not as bad as the first one.  The tree, now tied up with seven wires and anchored with rope to wood stakes whipped around in the wind but came to rest back in its proper vertical orientation for the first time since it blew over.  I did a little bit of pruning as well.

We’ll see what happens in the Spring — if it comes back to life and to what extent.  Still hoping for the best.

tree guy wires

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